Founded in the second half of 2016, GMEMS Group is a supplier  dedicated to providing one-stop end-to-side voice interaction solutions  for end customers. GMEMS Group integrates technical capabilities in  hardware, software, and algorithms, and uses a combination of software  and hardware to open up the audio industry chain from acoustic sensors to  modules. Starting from the principle of acoustics and starting from the  design of silicon-based microphone sensor chips, General Micro provides  customers with high-performance silicon-based microphones, call noise  reduction software, AI voice interactive portal solutions and other  products. GMENS products are widely used in end customer products such as  smart phones, TWS headsets, computers, smart speakers, smart homes,  medical care, and automobiles.

    GMEMS Group has gathered world-class experts in sensor chips and  acoustic processing algorithms. The performance of GMEMS sensor chip is  comparable to that of Lou's and Infineon's main products on a global  scale; GMEMS's voice interaction solutions and noise reduction algorithms  are purchased and applied by world-renowned smart speakers and first-line  brand mobile phones.

    In April 2020, GMEMS launched the first domestic and the world's  second fully self-developed 70dB differential, high signal-to-noise  ratio, high AOP silicon microphone chip and successfully entered mass  production. As a result, GMEMS has become the first domestic company to  independently research and develop high-end chips in this field. Compared  with the 70dB silicon-based microphone products that have been released  worldwide, the chip size of this chip is much smaller than the same type  of chip area of foreign counterparts. In response to the current pain  points of poor voice interaction caused by vibration of the body of smart  speakers and other IOT devices, GMEMS then first introduced the concept  of vibration-reducing silicon microphones in the world in June 2020. This  type of silicon microphone can effectively eliminate the vibration  suffered by the microphone on the IOT device, improve the effect of echo  cancellation, make the smart device listen more "understand", the human- computer interaction is more smooth and natural, and greatly enhance the  user's voice interaction experience. Vibration damping silicon  microphones can be used in various smart terminals and smart home  products such as mobile phones, TWS headsets, sweepers, air conditioners, and range hoods.

    The future goal of GMEMS is to integrate miniature acoustic sensors,  acoustic processing algorithms, end-to-side fuzzy speech recognition,  end-to-side voiceprint recognition, etc., into an artificial intelligence chip, and provide it to customers in the form of a single chip, providing end customers with high-quality Human-computer interaction experience.

    GMEMS Group's companies include General Micro (Shenzhen) Technology  Co., Ltd., GMEMS (Jiaxing) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen  Xinyibang Electronics Co., Ltd. and other companies. GMEMS Group has set  up a packaging line in Jiaxing specifically for silicon-based microphone  packaging research and development and small-batch verification, and a  mass-produced silicon-based microphone packaging production line in  Shenzhen. At the same time, GMEMS Group has complete reliability  laboratories in Shenzhen and Jiaxing to ensure to provide customers with  reliable performance and quality products. In addition, GMEMS Group has  sales and service teams in Shenzhen, Jiaxing, Shanghai, the United  States, Taiwan and other places to provide customers with close real-time  services.
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