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GMEMS CEO Wang Yunlong: Not only MEMS microphones, but to create a whole industry chain of voice interaction

Time:2021/5/9 Posted:GMEMS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

Before 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market in Asia. As an important entry point for smart homes, voice input has always been contested by various players in the industry. General Micro Technology adopts the business model of full-industry chain production to provide major companies with a complete set of acoustic hardware solutions for smart voice entry.

GMEMS CEO Wang Yunlong

In today's society, cocktail parties have become a very common social activity for people, but this seemingly simple activity has become a problem for experts and scholars in the field of acoustics at home and abroad-the cocktail party problem. Current speech recognition technology can already recognize a person's words with high accuracy, but when the number of people speaking is two or more people, the speech recognition rate will be greatly reduced. This problem is called the cocktail party problem.

Tracking and recognizing the voice of a specific speaker in a scene where multiple people are talking at the same time. In the large-scale promotion and application of automatic speech recognition technology, the cocktail party problem is one of the key issues to be solved urgently. Major acoustics and AI companies have launched solutions in hopes of solving this problem.

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