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GMEMS-5G is coming, seize the entrance of smart home

Time:2021/5/9 Posted:GMEMS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.
In addition to his great success, Dr. Wang Yunlong, as a serial entrepreneur, also wants to share some experience with later entrepreneurs. Dr. Wang Yunlong said: “I very much agree with the decision to encircle the city from the countryside, and the same applies to enterprises. When a start-up company cooperates with a brand, don’t always think about cooperating with a big brand. You can start with a small company. The product has a process of landing verification. The same is true for MEMS microphones. For example, when you cooperate with companies such as Huawei and OPPO, it is not that they bought the most cost-effective thing, but that if your things have quality problems, they can be properly handled to reduce losses. For example. You bought a smart refrigerator. The voice interaction of the smart refrigerator is only part of the function. Even if the voice interaction is broken, the function of the refrigerator itself is still there. Therefore, the safety of the product is very important, and the quality of the product must be guaranteed first."

With the current rapid development of technology, the arrival of 5G is also imminent. Smart home is an important scenario for 5G landing. According to the data of the Foresight Industry Research Institute, in 2016, the scale of my country's smart home market reached 60.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. 50.15%. Smart homes are expected to explode in the next few years. By 2018, the smart home market will reach 139.6 billion yuan. Before 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market in Asia. The importance of such a large market to various industries is self-evident.

Voice input, as an important entry point for smart homes, has also been contested by various players in the smart speaker industry, such as Baidu's Xiaodu, Ali's Tmall Elf, Xiaomi's Xiaoai classmate, and so on. In this regard, Dr. Wang Yunlong, who has lived in the United States for many years, believes that China and the United States have different national conditions. "Chinese people's living conditions and living habits are different from those of the United States." Wang Yunlong said, Chinese people rarely have American non-working time life culture, the Chinese version of Echo is probably not a smart speaker, but more likely to be headphones. It is understood that General Micro has established cooperation with some well-known brand headset manufacturers to provide them with complete sound solutions. Wang Yunlong hopes that in the coming 5G era, the domestic end-to-side voice interaction technology can achieve further success.
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