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MEMS microphone manufacturer GMEMS completes B++ round of 100 million yuan financing

Time:2021/5/19 Posted:GMEMS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

    According to Memes Consulting, in May 2021, GMEMS (General Micro) completed a 100 million yuan B++ round of financing jointly invested by Zhongjin Pucheng and a strategic investor, and Zhijin Capital continued to serve as the exclusive financial advisor.

    GMEMS is a world-leading supplier of MEMS sensor chips. The company's technical team is led by Dr. Wang Yunlong, a pioneer of acoustic MEMS sensors in China, and has been rooted in acoustic MEMS for nearly two decades. The company gathers the world’s top experts in acoustic processing algorithms and sensor chips, and combines the research and development of acoustic micro-sensors with artificial intelligence-based algorithms and software. Starting from the principle of acoustics, it integrates MEMS sensor chips, algorithms, and Digital signal processors or microprocessors open up the entire industry chain from sensor chips to modules, and solve core problems such as wake-up, low-power standby, and cocktail parties in voice interaction.

    GMEMS has MEMS microphones with the same performance as that of the world's top sensor companies such as Lou's Electronics and Infineon. At the same time, it has introduced epoch-making MEMS architecture and system design for vibration reduction and wind noise reduction to achieve paradigm shift; its voice interaction algorithm is through Amazon Alexa Product system certification has been recognized by Xiaomi and Tuya in China. As a company with both hardware and software capabilities, the company combines algorithms and hardware capabilities to enhance the experience of voice interaction.
According to previous reports from Memes Consulting, in May 2020, GMEMS announced to maintain long-term in-depth cooperation with Silex Microsystems (referred to as Silex). After cooperating with Silex, a 70dB differential, high signal-to-noise ratio, high AOP MEMS microphone chip of GMEMS has achieved the engineering batch verification of the process setting machine. In the next phase, General Micro plans to mass-produce the chip in the subsidiary Cyrex Microsystems (Beijing) (referred to as "Selex Beijing") Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of which is invested by Cyrex Microelectronics and National Integrated Circuit Industry Fund.

    GMEMS is a domestic high-tech enterprise that has independently developed 70dB differential, high signal-to-noise ratio, high AOP MEMS microphone chips and successfully tapped them. Among the three or four 70dB MEMS microphones released in the world, the chip size of General Micro is much smaller than that of competing products of the same type. Its core MEMS sensor chip is only 1.05mm x 1.05mm. Compared with the only 70dB competing MEMS microphone chip with differential function, the size of the general-purpose microchip is much smaller. In this size, General Micro can perfectly match the reference designs of various end customers including TWS headsets, breaking the gap of domestic chip design manufacturers in the field of high-end MEMS microphones, making smart devices more "understanding" and human-computer interaction. More smooth and natural.

    The investor in this round, Zhongjin Pucheng Investment Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CICC. CICC is China's first Sino-foreign joint venture investment bank, providing comprehensive, one-stop, all-round investment banking services for domestic and foreign enterprises, institutions and individual customers. Since its establishment in 1995, CICC has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, country-oriented, diligent and professional, proactive, customer first, sincerity and trust", and is committed to building China's international first-class investment bank and becoming a financial future The core participant of the system. Relying on deep economic, industry, laws and regulations and other professional knowledge and high-quality customer service, CICC has repeatedly won the "Best Investment Bank in China", "Best Sales Service Team", and "Most Influential Research Institution" in the media selection at home and abroad. "And so on.

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