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Software: Solve core problems such as voice noise reduction and voiceprint recognition through machine adaptive learning.
Core technologies
O Voice processing O Adaptive beamforming O Voiceprint recognition
Solution advantage
* Adaptive machine learning sound spectrum analysis
*Effectively separate the user's sound source, interference, background noise, echo
*Machine adaptive learning, no need to debug problems caused by dynamic noise, echo, and unsteady signal sources
*High-efficiency model, the number of effective coefficients is much lower than traditional models, which can be realized on the end
* Effectively solve the robustness problem

*Signal self-separation
*Acoustic design has high fault tolerance rate
*Traditional beamforming requires high microphone phase and sensitivity matching requirements and high acoustic design requirements
*High tolerance for signal instability
*Traditional filtering methods are difficult to filter dynamic and non-linear noise

*Through the voiceprint library training, it can effectively identify the ‘user’s voice’ and effectively solve the activation problem
*Registration and verification are all done on the end side
*Solve the problem of traditional cloud verification, the sound quality is deformed during transmission
*High privacy and security
* Effectively solve the cocktail party problem
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